Sail stuck high up in the mast to Martinique

Thu 4 Aug 2011 11:23
14:04.00N 60:57.00W

By S.

Thursday august 4th
S did went for a photoshoot to a very nice house. Big and with an own pool. A did repair stuff on the boat. And got the Moody ready for sailing. 

Friday august 5th
Most of my clothes are drowned by sweat at this time. It is really too hot to do some serious work. So beer drinking is the only way to keep us alive.
Going to the bar again to shoot some pool. It was a busy night. When we had really enough beers and we couldn't get any ball in the pocket any more. At two o clock in the night we helped the bartender closing his shop and then go to te strip to do some real professional drinking. The limping man named Adam came along because he knew were to go. That he was not very mobile did not prevent him from being loud and rude to everyone in his surrounding. Off course we went by car. The safest way to travel on the island. After doubling the amount of alcohol in our blood we went to the boat again by car off course, still the safest way.
We loose lots of liquid everyday from our body that we just needed to bring it back to balance. I think we managed that on that night.

Saturday august 6th
Hmm strange. Not feeling very energetic this morning. Just have to wait until feeling better and then go off to sail. Finally. O did I mentioned that A still did not bake one bread?  And that he wanted me not to buy one in the store? This morning he was just not in the mood to bake one of his delicious creatures. But a bag of Lays will also still ones hunger.
At noon some of the energy came back to our bodies. We left st. Lucia. Captain A shouted raise the sail!!! And so the sail went up. Hey what is that? It goes really difficult. And o it won't come down anymore either. And whoops, look at there, is that really, really, really terrible weather coming to our boat? Off course it was. Heavy wind and rain was coming our way. And we could not lower the sail. None of us trusted the repair of the rudder for hunderd procent. And the toilet floather let most of the flushes come back in the toilet. It was clear A was not just a bit worried. He was very. Think! We should think! First things first. Get the life vests and put them on. Than we quickly went trough the emergency procedures for in case one of use would fall off the boat. The storm had reached our position. Now it was the time for a tattoo with an anchor drawn on our arms. As the storm hurts our broken sail we stood up, our faces high up in the heavy rain. We must get the sail down. And we had to use the brutal force of the electric winch. But to get a good grip A had to go up in the mast. S pulled him up. Five meter, six, seven... A got the line in the sail. S got him down. Centimeter by centimeter, using al the force the winch has, we pulled the sail down. And of course broke it. But that we could let fixed in Martinique. The sky went blue again. A was releaved. S was seasick. But we were alive. We went back to st lucia. Not for beers this time. We ordered orange juices. The bartender looked as if we were feeling not well. But we knew we have to take care of ourselves.