Deshaies, NOT the best shelter..

Fri 11 Feb 2011 13:01
16:18n 61:48w

Mja, so much for Imray's "grenada to the virgin islands" book, "a cruising guide to the lesser antilles". Either the author jacques patulli explored this bay by submarine or stephen davies and elaine morgan forgot the words "absolutely NOT" in the translated text: "...the best-known anchorage on the coast". In short and kind words, they are wrong.

We sailed here in a few ours from les saintes, the very south west of guadeloupe to the very north west, nothing special, enough wind :)

Anyways, we did not sleep a lot, because of the winds hauling at 37 knots in this anchorage, and of course with that amount of wind, althou we had 5 times the depth in anchor length out, the anchor did not hold as we learnt around 1am. We let out more chain but were ofcourse limited in doing so with the other boats behind us. Still, we did not hit anyone, nor did we re-anchor, as we believed it would be even more tricky to try and set the anchor with bf9 gusts.

Luckily, at 6.30, a local dude came by with croissants, so all was good again...