Morrocan coast

Tue 19 Oct 2010 21:42
35:19n 06:25w

It's 22.30 and we, h&a, s and myself are cruising south. We left Gibraltar at 9am and had lots of wind, 3 bf more than expexted.

After we made it across the gibraltar straight to africa, we did a storm gybe, turning 270 degrees against the wind rather than 90 with the wind. Shortly thereafter we caught something as we were also fishing, but it turned out to be that we caught the boat :( and then again lost the line and stuff connected to it.

We just dropped the jib and took one reef out, and put a preventer in, something to prevent the boom from flipping to the otherside, and having done 10+ knots earlier we now do a modest 4 to 5. At least it looks like we will be able to sleep :)