A passage to Italy

Tue 27 Jul 2010 19:40
G: Yesterday we overnighted in "kut" on the island "vis". For Dutch people these names are a bit strange and can make funny combinations, but let me stick to the point... A very nice island which we explored by an evening walk. Around 9 we were getting hungry but had to nibble the restaurant breath till 10:30 and by that time lost all appetite and were completely drunk :&

This morning we woke up early as we would have to clock some miles and cross the Adriatic sea towards Italy. During our non-dinner last night we had discussed the passage plan over and over and agreed we would go to Palagruza, and Bari a day later. But we did not even left the harbor and our dear captan (of course) changed plans and aimed for Vieste, an 11 hours sail. So I did what I do best when sailing, I just lay down and wait for our arrival ;)

The wait was accompanied by Jonathan Safran Foer's "Alles is verlicht" (Everything is illuminated). A very funny book about a grandfather and grandson who guide an American through the Ukraine in search of someone. The grandson studied English for only one year and is the tour guide. Grandpa is supposedly blind, but also the chauffeur. Luckily they brought his guiding dog, 'Sammy Davis Junior Junior', which they refer to as the lookout bitch (uitkijk teef). Well, I think you have to read it for yourself to find out what an unintended funny group they are :)

Tomorrow we're heading towards Bari, another 5 hours. We did not clear customs yet (and btw forgot to check out of Croatia again) so we have enough to do.

It's now about 21:00 and still not dark... I don't think it's going to get dark tonight as we 'parked the car' just below a lighthouse. When we arrived here in daylight we were in doubt why no one anchored in this designated spot, and considered calling the marina. But the map stated anchor place, so we dropped.

Jonathan Safran Foer is right, "Everything is illuminated"...