Antigua here we come

Fri 11 Feb 2011 13:26
17:01n 61:46w

We are stuck. That is, after last nights storm and our drifting anchor, it now turns out we cannot leave because the anchor does not want to come up. The chain is pointing vertical and the boat lies still, but the windless cannot raise it. We wait and try again. And wait. And try again. Then suddenly, boom, and we are drifting. Quickly get in the chain and anchor, unmount the anchor holding and click to store the anchor safely in its normal position. What? It does not want to be stored. Normally, the anchor folds in by standing on it, which clicks it in position. Not today. We are blown to sea in the meantime. G takes control of the ship while A uses little and lots of tact, then force, to get the anchor secured, but no good. Eventually we use three lines to secure it manually, however, the hatch cannot close anymore as the anchor sticks out too high. So we secure the hatch to the railing and hope it will survive a wave slamming in.

Jib in and underway albeit a good hour delayed, lots of wind but a little too northerly for us, motoring again, beating against the north easterly wind. After 4 hours we overtake another boat, they left an hour earlier then we did, also motoring with jib only. At 1400 we reach antigua. We radio to find out about our berthing details. Did we hear that correctly? Dock stern-to (so with the back of the boat to the shore) but also use the anchor? Hm, this will be fun with bf6 and very little moving space due to the reefs here, but, probably thanks to the 2 thrusters we have and G feeding anchor chain as we reverse into our berth, this turns out to be easy! And so stable, first night without rolling and bumping, I already like Antigua.


That was yesterday. Indeed a good night sleep. But A' motorics are not what thwy used to be. Twice now he tipped over a cup of coffee on board. Unfortunately he refilled the cup after the first time. Did he spill first over the couch, he know seemed to have aimed for the ceiling, but the coffee 'only' made it to the white window blinds... Luckily they turn out to be made of some sort of polyester and not cotton, as we are quick to take the coffee off, without making stains...

About to explore English harbour and maybe Nelson's dockyard to look for some typical british left overs while we have an extra day here. G in the meantime found out that the marina owner has a spare little kitten, and turtles, which we can take with us for free if we want to... But will we?