Done in St Lucia

Thu 5 May 2011 18:51

Had an engineer on board, who spotted that the moody is missing 'stoppers' on each side of each rudder, to prevent the rudder from 'flipping' over. This is the root cause to our troubles, as in rough circumstances, the steering wheel will stop against its own stopper, but the rudders can tilt, and then one rudder points in a different way than the other.

I then spotted under water, that the rudders are scraping against the hull, and another action will be needed to push down the rudder.

P has figured out a way to store the anchor, which had been tied down with rope and tie reps the last week.

We did have ofcourse enough time to sail a bit, marigot bay is very nice, as well was a trip to martinique. However, our expert fisherman L did not catch a fish, something our top chef P had repeatedly tried to put on the menu. P is truly a michelin chef, and spends 3 times a day hours to feed the crew, while giving N lessons on baking cake, or bread as some believed...

The boat is now completely stripped and we spent today cleaning. No more sailing the coming months :(