Not too warm ;)

Tue 29 Nov 2011 11:52
Sunday. This when G hoists A up in the mast. We have practised the manouevre a few times up and down, and each time a few meters more. Finally A is about 15 meters high, trying to figure out why the lazy jack lines cannot be adjusted. The lazyjack is the 'bag' on the boom where the mainsail nicely falls into when the main sail is dropped. In our case the sail falls on the decksaloon off the boom, as we cannot heighten the lazyjack. And yes, lowering the boom we have tried :)
So, A is kind of bungy jumping-ready in the mast and with some patience (and violence), the line is freed from the block it should smoothly flow trough, and G safely lands A on deck. Wow, pretty good!

We go for breakfast, and two hours later, after G eating TWO icecreams after lunch, we walk, one of us like a pinguin, back to the boat. Huh? The door is locked, we have the key, but it will not unluck. This is the moment where G really wants to use the toilet :(
We check the to see if we left any hatch open, but no, no luck. With again some patience and violence we get the door open.

A goes to customs to kindly ask if the paperwork can be done today, with an early departure monday. Having now some experience with local customs, this is expected to take hour with a lot of unclarity, suggestions, fingerpointing etc. But not this time. Apparently someone owning a mega yacht had a similar experience recently, and complaint. And, mega yachts are holy, as they pay 3$ per foot per night, say 3x150ft = 450$ per night. So they are listened to.. So, in less than half an hour, and just some unclarity and fingerpointing, we are good to go.

We are only a week from the ARC2012 winner arriving in st lucia, and it is getting busy. We meet 2 friends in the marina for some beers, get some food, and get ready preparing to leave 8am monday while almost all the time so far here, a little drizzle keeps it bearable in the marina.