Guadeloupe, les saintes

Fri 2 Dec 2011 06:39
15.52'3n 61.35'w

A. We leave at 6am. This will be one of our longest trips. Leaving Martinique, north towards Dominica, then pass Dominica, and head on towards Guadeloupe. About 75 Miles in a straight line, so normally, eith enough wind, we'd assume 6 knots speed, so this can be 12.5 hours.

G is not looking forward to this long trip, but as she wants to clock as much as possible miles the first week, she buckled up and started reading.

Then a few hours further G finds out that she does not feel well whenever A puts the boat steering in autopilot, as the autopilot is too reactive, it makes the boat kind of zigzag a bit. So A takes the wheel most of the hours.

Little wind, but lots of dolphins! This is always very special, they are not afraid, but less interested in us then we in them.

The motorsailing together with some northbound current make us arrive in Guadeloupe at 1600. Perfect race!