Boris caught a fly

Sun 12 Sep 2010 09:58
41:34.5N 02:33.5E

G: I don't think we mentioned Boris before... Boris has been with us since the beginning and is sailing with us for all these weeks. 

We met him in July, in our first week in Slovenia at the Obi's nursery department. He looked a bit silly, actually a bit ugly, but I thought Boris might cheer up the place. We had also nightly wars with mosquitos, so we figured Boris could leant a helping hand there. But besides silly and ugly, we soon assumed Boris to be a vegetarian, as he proved not much of a help. But Boris showed us another site of himself which made us now wonder if Boris was 'species confused'. First I thought it was a new leafe, but it kept on growing and growing, and soon there was this stem from his centre. Each morning I checked on Boris only to find that the stem grew another half inch overnight, and he was getting more and more out of proportion with his overall shape and size. But, the most exited thing were the bulbs at the end of the stem. This all started a week before our repair stop a few weeks ago, when each morning I hoped to find that the bulbs turned into amazing flowers and would reveal the deeper meaning of Boris' presence on earth... But each morning the stem grew, the bulbs remained bulbs, and my patience was tested. After that week, we had to leave Boris on board and would go home for at least 4 weeks... Would Boris survive..? And what would happen with the bulbs..? I left Boris with a measuring jug filled with water up to 500cc, and a woolen string as a life-line, and prayed for his wellbeing. 

And after 4 weeks, well he was! His green teeth were smiling at us when we returned on the boat. But the deeper meaning of Boris' presence on earth remains a mystery. The stem was still there and the bulbs opened up into something, but that was not recognizable anymore... 

But today Boris had a surprise. We had a bugging fly in the cabin yesterday and when checking up on Boris this morning I noticed that one of his 'mouths' was closed and seemed filled with something. I held it towards the light and yes, there was the fly!