blood shortage

Fri 9 Dec 2011 07:26
18:27.72n 64:31.59w
Today we sailed up and down just for the sailing.. Tried to have breakfast on a small island, but they start at noon :(

We ended up in Marina Cay, which is a lovely tiny island bhind a huge reef, good for snorkeling. The idea is to pick a mooring which is the most in the wind, out of say 25, as we are fed up by the no see'ms and mosquitos.

Unfortunately for us the wind dies down at 10pm and it does not get any cooler.

And after many, many dramatic sleeping attempts we make it to dawn yet again. G had escaped to the saloon but A had bravely stayed in warm berth, where the hatches had to be closed against the rain.

A quick inspection by G of A's lower right leg reveal an astonishing 57 bites! This is A's most biten area but looking at his other bites, it is a wonder he did not need acute blood transfusion...