Soller to Cala Blanca (andraitx east)

Sun 5 Aug 2012 09:01
39:47n 03:41e

After a good night sleep we take a good look at the bay of Soller. Not a lot happening yet. A tourist train seems to run along the whole bay, and local fisherman in their kayak are very softly peddling around the bay looking for that fresh catch of the day.

We leave just after noon for Andraitx area. Little wind, motoring again. Like the whole leg from Barcelona to Mallorca, still no fish on the hook either, and it cannot be blamed on L, the chief fishing manager!

Around 1800 we anchor in 12meter deep water with all chain out in a bay east of Andraitx, called Cala Blanca. nothing to do here, nor to see really, but before 1900 all other boats suddenly leave. Either anchoring at night is not allowed here, or something else is going on, but we have the bay for ourselves :)