Sun 1 Aug 2010 20:45
40:18N 18:24E

Crew change.
H&A camejaboard! Flew into Bari, hopped in a cab, and appeared inn the harbor, ofcourse with too much stuff. But oops, this was on our request. 10kilo of bread making stuff, tools, papers, the works! Now we had everything aboard :)
And since G made friends with the local Italians, things were cool. We purchased extra fenders in Bisceglie after we learnt in strong winds the ones we have on board are simply too small. En route to Monopoli. Steady winds, time to assemble the fishing rod, as we looked forward to a nice bbq with fresh fish!
But despite the color of lure, the weight of the lead and our strong intent, there was no fish biting. Although, our semi real fish looking lure got a bite scratch :)
nothing. Hunger and fatique made G cook us a quick healthy meal once safely anchored. But due to the wind, and A's lack of estimating unwanted nightly sounds, the night was a tough one. I think I went out to check the anchor and lines, hatches against the rain and other things I could have easily checked before going to bed, about 4 or maybe 5 times. Little sleep.
So, coffee and go! Up to Santa Foca di Meledugno...