Surgery and bedrest

Sat 14 Aug 2010 11:22
42:42N 03:02E


This morning we said 'au revoir' to the boat in Canet en Roussillon, and flew to Paris for our flight to Amsterdam.

The boat will be in Canet for a few weeks as the patient has several illnesses. As a true internist, 'A' has done several scans and created a list of 39 (old and new) injuries. The patient is not in a very bad condition but definitely needs some warranty-vitamin, a monday-morning kick-in-the-butt, and some general TLC.

So we went to see the highly recommended doctor Julienne. Yesterday he checked in the patient, and surgery strategy was planned. The only issue is that the anastasia cannot be given without an official 'go' from the Moody hospital board. And as boards take their time, we decided not to wait for the official surgery date and head back home.

We assume the surgery will start early this week and expect a recovery period of 3 weeks. After that the patient will have to slow down for a while and a vacation along the south of Spain will help the recovery...

So, if things go well and dr. Julienne does not make out with sister Emma during surgery, or breaks down due to alcohol and drugs abuse, we will be moving on in about 3 weeks time.

Hope you all will be following us again!

Thanks all for the feedback.