Long haul

Wed 7 Dec 2011 20:28
17:38.49n 63:15.12w
We were contemplating to go either North, to St Barths St Martin and Anguilla and then go BVI, or, we go North West to Saba and then BVI. G was in a hurry, that is, the calmer the sea and the cooler the weather, all would be better.

So we sailed in about 4 calm hours to Saba, as it looked like (from the weather report) we'd have a nice sail ro the BVI.

At Saba there is really no shelter, but there were a few moorings. Asshore we learnt it was Saba day? We just cleared in and out, walked an hour on shore between customs and port authority and then motored around the corner, west side. We would go to bed early to leave at 2am.