Today we arrived in 342 BC

Thu 23 Sep 2010 19:39
37:34.92N 00:58.93W

G: We arrived in Cartagena. We concluded that we did not want to be near the town side as there was a lot of noise, so not much sleep. Luckily we were assigned a bit further on a quite spot and, as usual, we had a lot of people staring at the boat in amaze. While drinking a beer and wine to celebrate a safe landing, I did not feel much for visiting the town (and the apparent kermis that was going on) so suggested a nice macaroni on board. But as A's motto is, "first do and then we can talk about it" we went ashore for a bite.

And I'm glad we did... from the boat we had already spotted some 'Romans' in full ornate, and while nearing town center, their numbers increased. When arriving in the centre, it seemed we entered the 4th century BC. Different 'clans' (recognized by their outfits) were gathering up. Along the streets were rows of seats, so we guessed a parade. And indeed about 20 minutes later the parade started, around 2200. And what a parade it was... Different groups in most impressive outfits walked down the streets, accompanied by big drums. Where ever you looked, romans. Small, big, old en even very young marching down the lighted streets. 

We ate some nice tapas and went back to the boat, what a nice place...