Tue 6 Jul 2010 22:04

Sunday is the day!

Finished the checkout with 'ze zermans' around 2pm.

The boat is hours. But wait, power failure!!! Swapped the cable with 2 other outlets ashore, but no good. Turns out our neighbors blew out 3 individual fuses :) no problem...

Last night was pretty hectic on board, in minutes a storm approached resulting in 'van den' having to check all lines in the rain and wind around 4am, naked ofcourse ;)

No damage, all good but not a lot of sleep.

We just returned from the soccer game watching event, without nails and voice, victory is sweeeeet!

There are supposedly no fishes left in the med, but around midnight I can see them swim around the boat, what 3 million candela can do !

Did our shopping, sorted out official papers, reorganised the 2sqm 'meuk' we brought with us, and are now listening/watching some kind of a 'kermis' in the village, which btw is overpopulated by 8 year olds, dude...

Tomorrow we will have our first trip sailing without help, so likely to be a spectacle, looks like little wind and calm seas.

We are most concerned about getting back :)

We have a few problems still, shower drain failure, leaking fridge and some bolds are missing here and there, not to mention we still have no idea where certain lines are for :)

Amazing, even at midnight, people are cycling on the 'pier' without light! Most impressive....

Tomorrow everything will be more clear. Out!