Piece of cake

Thu 8 Jul 2010 21:01
G: We had a very good first trip. Had a short round close to the harbor but enough to try the sails, walkie-talkies, thrusters and marifoon. This last one was a real pain as we could not figure out how to get it from standby mode. We prepared our return to the harbor thoroughly but everything flew out the window when a marina crew guy offered his help and had a complete different view on the sequence of events... But no sweat, don't think we had "dummy" written all over us ;)

We're now on our way to Ljubljana airport (by car that is) to pick up P. He will be our first floating guest for the night and will drive my car back to Holland tomorrow. After that, we are heading towards Croatia to meet H&S. Hopefully we will be there before the soccer finals so we can watch, cheer, cry and curse together.