Lanterns and burning man

Mon 27 Sep 2010 20:36
36:43.36n 03:43:64w


I forgot to mention about the fishermen. Many on big trawlers, and many trawlers. It cannot be that there will be fish left in the next years, we sometimes see more then 30 trawlers come in the harbor in about 1 hour. But some do it old school. Although the guy on the picture is using the same 'lantarn' as on the big boats, just a bit smaller and just one, and he is rowing! Good job.

So far the engine still worked. And wind head on. So that combo is good. Bf 4 mostly, then next to nothing close to Motril. ANd then when having the anchor site visible, when we are about to drop the sails, suddenly Bf6. This anchoring place certainly did not look like the text in the almanac.. Way to big waves and too much wind. But coming closer, all was good again.

We anchored around 8pm, just at sunset. Cruising the little bay for 15 minutes to figure out really how deep it is, as the chart has 5 meters deep, but the depth meter reads 15… The only real good place is taken, bummer dude. We are now 'parked between the beach, a boat and a huge rock.

Again no real diner, hot noodles at 1800, peanuts and toast at 2100, but I am not complaining :) No dolphins today, no submarines, just a few close encounters with sailing vessels, which tend to work in groups, and it was tricky at one point to keep clear of all of them and a wreck!

Just a stupid move today. I now know how to get burnt from a piece of rope. Obviously some lines can move quite fast, for example when you drop the sail in one go, that line really shoots loose. Another line I did lean against when I let out the jib. This looked & felt like no issue, as it went quite slow, and thus I kept leaning while I tried to close the 'jammer', but suddenly it went 'hoopla' when the wind got in the half rolled out jib.

Maybe tomorrow there is wind NOT head on, so we can do more sailing, to really find out of the wire-swapping execs has worked….

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