Bora again

Sat 24 Jul 2010 19:45
43:41N 15:40E


Finally wind. Wind wind wind! I love it. Sailing upto 8.5 knots in a strong W4/5 force. This allowed us to put in reef 2, leaving us with a small sail, still going top speed!

G baked a cake. Chocolate, during the sailing! And the taste? Gwalla, or something else in Croation :) Very nice :)

We are now looking at a small city on another island, looks calm and relaxed. But here is nothing, except more wind! Bora is coming according to the local dude. We put an extra line to the mooring bouy, and have tightened up almost anything else, expecting wind with thunderstorm and gusts of 32 - 55 knots overnight. This would be, in Beaufort, add 5 to the knots, than divide the total by 5, so (32+5)/5 upto (55+5)/5 makes wind gusts between 7 and 12Bf !!!!! The local dude says the mooring will hold, as it is brand new. We will anyway put in an anchor alarm, a small iphone app that starts making noise when the boat moves more than 100 meters, just in case.

This will be our coldest night, 12 to 17 c but it's cool, literally. When H & S where on board it was too warm to function normally. This is when we took them up to go racing with the tenders (dinghy). Our little boat has 6pk, but goes like a lightning once it goes in 'plane'. It is very light which makes it a bumpy ride, and it is quit challenging to go full speed. I will measure its top-speed coming days. Also, today we received 1 mayday and 2 panpan messages, till this point several people are missing, most swimmers and on tiny inflatable tenders... So we are keeping a look out and will be extra careful ourselves.

It seems our AIS transponder is broken. We cannot see our own track anymore, neither can you probably. But maybe it is the website, not sure how to check on this, have not been able to find an alternative, other than us including our arrival position it in the weblog.

We have some difficulties again with internet today, but hopefully, thanks to M, an ex colleague in Pula, we haven been provided with a local solution, but still, no pictures today.

Tomorrow will most likely be our last day in Croatia, that is, if we can leave, as Wind Bf 7 and more is not ideal to go off shore sailing, but the forecast suggest that the Bora will be strong, then become moderate!