A day full of questions and answers

Thu 15 Jul 2010 21:08
G: Today was a day of questions and answers, for example;

- Who killed Edith?
As we are still in the harbor waiting for things to be fixed, i started my next book "Close up" by Esther Verhoef. It is a thriller, not my favorite kind, and the ending was not really worth reading the book for. Of course the handsome Casanova was not the killer and they lived happily ever after, ... what a bummer.

- Why all these alarms?
Yesterday we did some fun motoring with the boat but the fun quickly disappeared when the first alarm went off. And many more followed. Today Felix spend about an hour in the engine room (4 by 3 by 1 meters) to measure voltages and power consumption of all the units and wires. I can guarantee you that that is not much fun with an outside temperature of 37 degrees celsius. But our Oracle went and concurred... well, partially. It seems that in stead of the batteries being charged, they are discharging when the motor is running. We all agreed, "isse big issue", "we must fix". To further investigate the issue a new question had to be asked...

- Where is the diode?
I have no clue what it looks like but it has to be found and replaced. So we start conservatively. We open up cabinets, look behind panels, climb in the engine rooms and outside lockers, nothing. So we take it a step further. We remove the couch cushions, unscrew panels and look under the floor. Impatience takes over, and we empty drawers to discover several 'hidden' doors, with interesting stuff behind it, but no diode. Now we lose all our manors, and start to strip the boat as mad people. Mattresses are taken from the beds and thrown in the hallway, all cupboard are emptied and every thing that can be moved is thrown on a pile in the middle of the boat. So there we are, in a big mess without a diode. So Felix does what Felix does best... he goes off and thinks about it for a few hours... We know he will return with an answer.

- When can we finally leave?
Although things are fixed on a daily bases, there are still things broken. The fridge won't go any colder than 16 degrees Celsius, while the freezer is turbo-freezing. One or more batteries are broken and we are waiting for Moody to send new once, same for the shower pomp. Luckily TNT delivered a hardcopy of the boat papers today so that is one more down. Mike the sales dude has a pomp ready and is working on the batteries. A is hopeful to leave on Saturday I think Monday soonest.

There is only one question unanswered...

-Why is it so extremely HOT?