First Self-Service aboard

Mon 27 Sep 2010 11:39
36:41.7N 02:47.6w
Puerto de Almerimar. What can I add to this hopeless, desolated, complete failure artificial marina. Shops are empty, apartments are empty, lots of boats though. Nothing to do. Although there are 2 ship chandlers.

We arrived after a boring day motoring, about 7 hours. Then, as we arrived at 1400, they told us they were closed until 4pm. CHecked in at 4 pm. Vey cheap compared to all previous marinas, 26 euro's incl tax, excl electricity.

Did a walking tour, not much to see, but then met a nice belgian dude, 64 years ld, who had spoilt the sailing aspirations of his wife, and now sailed alone. Did not have much of a diner, just some 'hapjes' and a few beers with the belgian.

Bf 5 at night, but not sweat, slept like a baby.

Bought some inox rust cleaning/polishing stuff, checked the weather, and than a surprising call from Victron. After sales service. These guys are good. Called them friday late afternoon, back on the phone, with instant help to go through the ships wiring.

Not an electrician myself, I first made pictures of the important stuff, mailed them and awaited advise. And there it was. I f I could disconnect all power lines, and swap 2 specific wires on on the CYRIX... Sure. Then I learnt I did not have the right tools, so an hour later, completely soaked from the immense heat in akward positions, I finished the job. 

So, now we are waiting to see if this all helped... I guess by tomorrow, after a full day sailing, we'll know if we can start the engine.

O, and while I was at it, I also checked the plus and minus cables on the starter engine, just to find the MINUS was loose. Could this be it?

Anyways, just left the harbor, internet works at sea at the moment, W4 straight against us, so motoring again. On to Motril.

O no. They do not speak english in Motril, and I do not speak spanish in spain. And, even after trying, the answer was 'no possible'. Fine, we'll anchor then in the area. Oops, not allowed, according almanac. Hm, this will be interesting tonight, as the wind will remain as is overnight :)

More later!