Guest blog 2

Tue 10 Aug 2010 22:01

Yesterday, 9 August, we, H & A, expressed out preference for a route to the final destination via France. Not a problem, because we have to be in Canet-En-Rousillion on friday the 13rd, and the direct route, would be rather long and obviously not one but two nights sailing. However, it was not A's first choice, but he was willing to give it a try.

This morning, a message was received from E, an experienced dutch sailor, that, reviewing the weather for the Golf de Lion, it would be best to sail via Toulon/Marseille rather than beating directly to Canet. So the choice of the route to take was not longer a problem, but now we had to decide whether there was enough fuel on board. There was a fuel station in the same bay, but it would take an hour to get there, fill up and then another hour to get back. The smartest thing todo would be to go and get the fuel, to be safe. But, then again, maybe, we did have enough fuel to motor-sail to Toulon, or at least the Isles of Hyeres, so we started to figure out what we needed in the worst case scenario; what in the best, and a dozen of options in between. After half an hour we concluded that with a little help from the wind, there should not be a fuel shortage.... Anyways, the wind will blow us to land eventually!

A, from H, noticed that this was typical for H & A to take this kind of 'risk' and she mentioned that years ago, A was sent forward on the high way for 1.5 miles to the gas station with an empty bottle, to get fuel. The gas station, we would easily make by car before HAVING to re-fuel.

Now, after after 5 hours of motor-sailing, it turns out we do not have enough wind to make it with the amount of diesel on board, hence we reduce the engine revs, in order to before economic. However, as there is still at least 24 hours to go we stay optimistic :)