Arrival S & A for repair week St Lucia

Wed 3 Aug 2011 08:12
14:04.00N 60:57.00W

By S.

AUGUST 2ND, Arrival of A en S on Rodney Bay Marina. Heeren XVII was looking new. Byron used a toxic sauce to get the teak looking as it just came out of the store. A opened the doors of the Moody and S kept saying how much he liked it. S did put his luggage in the royal room that A showed him. And when they were done with this small job they both went upstairs again looking as they both had taken a shower. It was nice and warmy.

To gain some additional heat we prepared the waterpump and the dinghy wich was loosing air. But to fix the dinghy we first had to fix the airpump. And after loosing two fuses the best choice was to pump it up by man craft. I did not know people do have that amount of water in their bodies and that this can all come out. To cool off we both needed to drink beers the rest of the afternoon and the evening. Finally we thought we reached a proper temperature to go to sleep.

By six the sun was up and burning on the boat. So around eight we really were not able to lay any longer. A prepared hot coffee using nine months old water from the tap and coffee that was already opened the same time. Mjammie. In the plane A promised to bake some of the nicest bread you possibly could imagine. The beer drinking made him forget to make the bread yesterday so we went to the restaurant for a nice breakfast with fried eggs. We did do some shoppings for food. And we bought several tasty things that we could eat with the marvelous fresh baked breads A would make. And a few beers.
We got to the sail maker to get the sail which would be fixed. Asked the sail maker if the third reef was okee. The sail maker looked at A as if he was not feeling well. Of course everything else was fixed but the third reef he was not able to get it done in time. Off course A understood that nine months was indeed a short notice. But their was nothing else wrong with the sail A said. Well the sail maker thought other wise and had done some repairs for a few hunderd bucks.
We took the sail and easily lifted it in the mast. Again a succes for us. A fixed the rudder in the sauna cabin of the Moody. Another succes. S wanted to fix the dinghy again. A bought a repairkit for it with glue that was already dried up. So the second attempt did not work either. Byron came to meet us. He told us that he was the guy that was servicing the boat all these months. His boss was on vacation and A should pay him directly. No problem of course. A would pay him the next morning. Probably after the bread would be ready.
We fixed the anker plate. More succes.
You could imagine how wet of the sweat we were after all these work. Time to cool off with just a few beers. Local off course Piton. And then going back to sleep in the nice and cosy sauna. You could leave the windows open. The design of the boat was made so that if there was just a small amount of rain, all the water would come together by the windows and fall on your face. Real safe off course. It prevends from coming to much water into your bedroom. So with closed windows back to sleep.