Premia de Mar to Masnou prep

Sun 5 Aug 2012 09:01
41:29n 02:21e

G, little N and myself arrive on 23 may in Premia de mar, a little marina just north of Barcelona. L arrives the next day the 24th after visiting the sacra something on top of a mountain in Barcelona..

For little N this is the first boating trip, lets hope he likes it :) and as L will confirm later, who sleeps in the opposite cabin, N really liked sleeping on board, as he woke up L many times with the noise of his thumbsucking...

It is relatively cheap for a month berthing, 427 euro, and the boat is in the same shape... That means the hundreds of little rust particles are still on the foredeck... The insurance suggested to get a surveyor inspect the damage, and we will do so in Palma later in the week.

The next day we do some shopping, get the boat ready and take it easy. There is hardly any wind predicted for the next day, so we need to make sure we have enough diesel on our passage of about 110 nautical miles to Mallorca. The next marina south of us, Masnou, has diesel, so we leave for a motorsail and a quick sea trial in the afternoon.

At about 1700 we arrive in Masnou where huge coakroaches await us from the diesel pontoon, yikes! We quickly put in 50 euro about 70liter, which should give us between 14 and 23 hours of engine power, depending on the RPMs. We 'park the boat further in the marina, which proves to be more tricky than expected as A lightly bumps the boat leeward of us, and we agree with the marina we can stay for free, if we leave around midnight !