A strange sound

Sat 11 Sep 2010 19:02
G: Yesterday we decided to leave the repair dealer around noon, even though not all our issues were fixed. We had learned in Slovenia that waiting will only mean that you discover more issues and while the purpose of waiting is to tick off items from the issue list, the list only grows. So around noon we were preparing our departure and Dr. Julien was arranging some people to help us exit the narrow slot without damaging the brand new boat that they conveniently parked along the entrance of our slot.

But in stead of a helping crew, he returned with 7 boxes. There had been a recall on all the boats hatches and we were already waiting several weeks for new once. So we abandoned our departure activities and waited another 2 hours to have our hatches replaced. Another item ticked off the issue list!

Around 2 we finally left. Happy that in the end there were a lot of items fixed and we were looking forward to a nice sail without problems and surprises.

But surprise was luring around the corner... We had barely left the harbor and a strange sound arose, a sound we had not heard before. We looked at each other with a disturbed look in our eyes and tried to recognize the sound, gone. Maybe we could just ignore what just happened and start our vacation. But there, there it was again... It came from the cockpit. I stepped inside and followed the sound. There it was, luckily very harmless, but how did it came here...? I answered with a 'Bonjour' as it was obviously not one of ours. On the other end a familiar voice, Dr. Julien. He stated the obvious, 'I left my phone on board'.

So, no other option than to turn around and return Dr. Julien's most important surgery tool (see earlier blogs).

Around half past 3 we, again, left the harbor on our way to Port Bou.