wind 'o wind

Sat 4 Dec 2010 10:14
15:13n 40:17w

Here we are, motoring for almost a day now, a bit depressing really, winds falling to below 2 knots (so basically Bf0), where we need at least 8 knots (Bf2) from the right direction to be able to sail.Well, it is possible to sail with the current winds but we'd be adding another week to our trip if we wouldn't motor when there is no wind. This motoring will be taken into account when we finish, I have to submit a signed document calculating the total benefit we had using the engine for propulsion. We have used the engine anyway more than expected in order to charge the batteries now that the solar panels are not charging, but we have also significantly motored and now motor sailed, latest calculation shows almost 2 days of motoring with propulsion.

And while we were motorsailing, E caught again a fish, and, with lots of encouragement from the others, he managed to swing the poor beast into the cockpit, so that A could use his hammer to give the poor fellow a sudden narcose :) It was a Mahi Mahi, a vegetarian fish, which E himself made into filet and cooked to perfection for our evening supper.We forgot to weigh and measure the fish, but H assumed about 80 centimers, and a mere 7 kilo, jummie!

In order to preserve water as much as possible, and to reduce the amount of water that accidentally flows into the fridge thereby reducing the fridge's cooling capacity, we have implemented a 3 bucket cleaning approach. First, one should immediately after use clean his stuff in bucket one, and then rinse in bucket 2. In the evening, we take the content of bucket 2 and do our normal washing up in bucket 3. However, the result is far less stuff to clean and cleaning goes easier, hence less water :) Only downside is that our IKEA silverware (bestek) has started to rust, can you believe it?

Since we switched on the motor, we are going directly at our target, St Lucia. Although St Lucia physically lies more southfrom where we are today, the boardcomputer has calculated that we need to steer slightly north, this ofcourse because the earth surface is a circle, same reason why planes to the USA fly such a northern route for example. This direction, and thereafter, distance is food for thought. Where are we exactly, and how far do we still need to go, and how long will that take... We compare speed and distance 'through the water' with rhumb lines, Speed and Course Over Ground and GPS tracks, in order to believe ourselves in our own estimation, which is now, if we take the previous weather forecast fully into account, suggesting an arrival on the 12th sometime, but things can change :)

We also caught some rain yesterday, and although we were able to dodge the squalls by keeping a close eye on the radar, we did see some beatiful rainbows. And just an hour or so ago, Hn and I watched the sunrise, also very nice, behind the boat, while enjoying our breakfast. Maybe we can sail in an hour or so....