pickup in Palma

Fri 4 May 2012 18:41

39:32.594n 02:23.027e

L and A await the boat delivery in a hotel, a former palace, very nice. The next day we sign papers with the agent and are delivered to the very far end of the industrial harbour, onto mv Sluisgracht.

Around 3pm we finish preparing the 'drop', and watch the many man, and one woman, lift, loosen, move than drop H17 in the water. We quickly hop on while it descends next to Sluisgracht, and push the fenders down...
In the water, the engine starts in one turn, and off we go, to marina Alboran.

We safely go stern to and spend the next 24 hours checking lines, shackles, bolts, splitpens etc, while getting the sails out and mounting the safety equipment, add water and clean the outside. All seems working and after a good night sleep, we go for a test sail to Andratx!