Mon 9 Aug 2010 20:18

We went from Sardinia to Corsica today, weather forecast on 3 sources stated 2 to 3 Bf.
In the straight of Bonificia however, wind and tide had free play, resulting in Bf 6 and spiky waves, a choppy ride :)
So we ended up in Porto Pollo, anchoring with a few lines to hold the defective anchor infrastructure in place.
Will we go direct to Canet en Rousilion, or go first via south France, St Tropez, Toulon or Marseille... For the direct trip we do not have enough diesel to play it safe, Toulon we do. But will the wind do? Canet is about 44 hours sailing, Toulon 24...
So here we are, contemplating the various options...
If we could only trust the weather forecast....