Back, but not yet on track...

Thu 9 Sep 2010 17:32

We're back on our baby boat in Canet-En-Rousillion :)

Not thanks to the French though, as they first delayed our first flight and then canceled our second flight, which left us stuck in Paris (as there is no direct flight to Perpignan from AMS). But thanks to our frequent flyer card I guess, we could jump the q, get a voucher for diner, transport, hotel and breakfast. However, ground transport was also on strike, so we ended up chartering a Holiday Inn shuttle bus to drive us to our Novotel hotel somewhere near Orly airport. No Paris by night today, just the huge lights which illuminates the 'Novotel' sign, as this was mounted just above our hotel room, nice!

But, being tired, good enough, and the next day, early afternoon we passed security to board the plane. But not G, who was suddenly stopped because of the 'tools' in her luggage... Not allowed, quit hostile approach from the security guess who only spoke french and just pointed and shouted in french what they next expected to happen, until someone came by speaking english. No problem eventually, just check in the luggage.

Back in Perpignan, hopped in the taxi and finally stepped on board, where we noticed other people were working our issues. Finally, as we learnt from our neighbors later, they started working franticly one day before with several engineers on board to work the issues. This was about time, as they had been able to drag most repairs on, for whatever reason. But, when doing our checks later in the evening, we noticed the fridge, the batteries, the door-lock, the anchor and the radar were still not repaired (just to mention the main issues).

After sleeping aboard, that is, sleeping an hour and then chasing mosquitos for 5 minutes, repeatedly, we woke up not that sharp and happy. But, a new day, new chances. Talked again to the chief engineer, and unbelievable, throughout the day, spare parts did arrive. First small stuff, but then anchor mounting kits, radar domes etc. This looked too good to be true. Was it? Yes it was. The fridge part was still missing. But wait?! There as another boat in the shipyard... Could they 'borrow' this part? Yes you can!!

Tomorrow we will draw a line under all open items in repair, we hope, and go south!