Rocella Ionica

Sat 7 Aug 2010 07:03
38:19N 16:25E
With H&A accustomed to the boat and the seas, and even writing a guest blog,, we arrived in Rocella, and of course, no VHF response, and solo Italiano a telefono, so we hope there is space in the marina. On arrival in the marina, after trying to communicate with the guy ashore about where to go ashore, we decide ourselves to go backwards in 1 of 3 empty slots, but 'el captinaria' runs out and now is very communicative about us NOT been given the OK to come ashore. We cruise slowly out of the marina to go an anchor, as it is calm weather and 5meters deep a bit further.

Suddenly someone starts shouting when we just exit the harbor, from starboard side. On Port side someone responds. All Italiano of course, so we assume these fishermen agree tips and tricks, until the boat suddenly comes to a hard stop. Well hard, soft actually, as we just hit the sandbank. We knew there was one, so this is plane stupid, however, in reverse, a bit of rpm and voila, resolved. With a wide turn we circumvent the hidden danger and anchor a mile further in 5m water.

With a wide turn we circumvent the 'hidden' danger and anchor a mile further. The children disco H&A referred to, dies out quickly as we enjoy the sunset. H starts fishing. Not the way we did so far, which is to just let out 200m of line (with lots of lead and a huge hook on it), but this time like a pro. With a huge and strong swing, he catapults the 200 gram of lead into the far distance. We thought. There is this little button to press on the fishing rod which 'releases' the 'drum'. Timing is everything here. The next hour we spent trying to get all the goblethegook back into working order, as A (from A & G) also had an opinion and H's pro approach has resulted in poor amateur behavior :)