G and A back in St lucia!

Mon 28 Nov 2011 11:51
N w

After a very early wake up, 4.30an, we were delivered by K and G to the airport. We did have the day before a lot of issues checking in, as tour operator A had mistakenly arranged a ticket for Mister G :) but at the airport, all our worries were over, dude!

And after 9 hours, we touched ground in st maarten where we had to wait 6 hours for the next flight. With wifi for G and beer for A, this was long but easy. And there was no risk of missing the next flight, or was there some? Thanks to Liat Airlines, who told us we were trying to board the plane to st barths, we were send just in time to the correct flight, and as last passengers we went aboard.

After a short flight and a taxi, we were boarding h17 late at night, once again! Emerson had cleaned the boat after the previous sauna trip aboard with S in August, and all looked shiny and clean with a vanilla flavor freshness :)

Sleep, sleep, sleep. At 6am the world was light already around us, and our first day aboard was starting. The plan: get the sails, mount the sails, do a few small jobs, go shopping, and, if lucky, we would leave the next day for Martinique. But A's sore back, and G's big belly preventef us from speeding up. G's monstrous belly prevented here from walking, sitting and lyibg down. She has a tough moment, but like this, it can only get bettet :)
A was also a bit jetlagged and although he created a smart lifting mechanism to get the sail on the beam, he only noticed when it got dark again, that he had the mainsail the wrong way around. So no sunday departure! And thanks to the wind he also lost his flipflops, what a bummer. At least we did do 99% of our shopping !

New day, new chances! To bed at 10pm thanks to the jetlag, sunday here we come ;)