Les Saintes

Fri 11 Feb 2011 12:46
15:52n 61:35w

We had left Martinique without clearing customs, not in nor out. Not sure if that would become a problem, we just anchored there twice but did not go ashore.

Yesterday was our longest leg this trip, we decided to skip Dominica for now, although we have heard a lot of stories about how beutiful and unspoilt Dominica must be.

Guadeloupe then. Beautiful. Made us think of the British Virgin Islands. That is, Les Saintes, a cluster of islands being the most southern part of Guadeloupe. We decided to have a resting day here, do some repairs and explore the the nice village called Bourg Des Saintes. Next time you go sailing, go here :) btw, a lot of areas have also funny names like "le pain de sucre", "tete de rouge" and "grand souffleur".