Definition of a problem

Sun 18 Jul 2010 20:29
G: This morning at 6am, we were woken up by an unexpected guests, Bora. The Bora, violent N-NE wind, arrives with little warning and quickly gets up to gale force (windspeed 8) from a flat calm. The harbor was in panic, in a way quite cosey. Everybody running up and down the pier in nightwear to tighten lines and save all that is flying up in the air. Although some cursed at Bora, I welcomed him (her?) with both arms... finely some cold air and a breeze!!!

Maybe my welcome was a bit over the top as Bora felt at home and lasted the whole day.

So time to sit down and overlook our problems. How big were our problems and how would they affect our plans. Besides H&S who would be in Croatia till next Sunday, there were more waiting on our arrival... H&A postponed their ticket but have been in lingo when to fly to where in order to guide us to Italy safely So, what do we have... batteries, thrusters, engine starting battery and some small stuff. Could we leave without them? Not smart, but as 'smart' is not our middle name, and we lived to become XX year, would we not survive as usual? If not sure, always check Wiki...

A problem is an obstacle which makes it difficult to achieve a desired goal, objective or purpose. It refers to a situation, condition, or issue that is yet unresolved. In a broad sense, a problem exists when an individual becomes aware of a significant difference between what actually is and what is desired between one or more individual.

"...goal, objective or purpose...
" Hmm... I'm more critical in that department but A steers the boat and he has done without this all his live so what the heck. And '...what actually is and what is desired...", well, isn't live all about that? So... I say we go! So, after a few wines we decided that tomorrow we will do some food supply shopping and talk to Felix. What ever needs to be fixed, needs to be fixed somewhere else, we're leaving Tuesday! ... but that is of course after a few wines, we'll tell you the true story tomorrow..:)