A quick one

Wed 14 Jul 2010 21:00

A. As power on laptops in combination with free WIFI access from our neighbor is sparse, a quick update...

today we tested the thrusters, worked! But the batteries are a problem, can't leave without them. Same for the fridge, but that should be fixed tomorrow.

G has removed the last hairs of my head today, as an aid to cooling me down is this over the top warm country.

And finally a tip from Felix. When I offered him water, he stated, NO NO NO.

after some german communications, I learnt the true cause of my persistent diarea. the water I have been drinking (from bottles, purchased like any water in the supermarket, is for (or against) constipation!!!!!!

I thought it was because of the meat not bein cooled enough with the fridge problems we had, but no. It's always simpler than you think!

I had hoped todays track would be visible on the marine traffic site, but it says it does not work. Not sure if this is our AIS not working or the website, and no time to check as my laptop tells me it is switching itself o..