Pico and Faial in sight

Wed 2 Jun 2021 16:58
After light winds hampered progress overnight, we are chasing down the last few miles. A bit of motoring but wind came back so 20 miles to go, making 7 knots in bright sunshine - with a very cold wind from the North.

First sight of Land was the huge mountain on Pico. A giveaway in the name. Closer in we can see smaller Faial below and slightly nearer. Horta is round on the West side. Our destination. Should be there before dark.

Highlights of the trip
- Chris Tibbs finding us some great wind angles
- Likely making the fastest crossing ( thanks again to Chris )though we weren’t racing
- Ross’ cooking ( Pizza today made on left over Nann bread but tasted quite authentic )
- Bruvs systematic refurbishment of the boat, incorporating previously unheard of techniques
- beers at sunset at 500/1000/1500 Miles
- A tandem of days above 200Nm
- Howling along with a poled out Genoa at 10 knots for hours on end
- Dealing elegantly with the Chilean boys claim they would beat us ( Buganvilia was 240Nm behind at last reckoning )
- The extraordinary Bulgarian Bedo on Be Love who appeared for dinner in full Bermuda rig, the long shorts and extraordinary matching yellow socks and shoes.
- Loads of dolphins

A few days of rest coming up with, of course, a Covid test just in case we picked something up at sea! Then on to Portugal

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