North of Barbuda

Fri 5 Apr 2019 22:23
After a quick run up from Barbuda, we anchored in Low Bay on Barbuda. Not very convinced about the early settlers naming capabilities. OK. So there is nothing high on Barbuda. On the chart it says the highest point on the island is 45ft. But not clear why this Bay is lower than any of the others.

A better name would be Long Bay. The beach is 10 miles long and pretty much dead straight. So maybe just Long. There isn’t a bay at all.

Well it was surprisingly well protected in Long. Lunch and a swim. Felt cheeky when we are supposed to be on a long ocean passage. Very welcome though after much rushing about yesterday in Jolly Harbour.

So we set off again at 4.00pm. Steady 15 knot wind propelling us North. Out of the shelter of Barbuda waves got a little bigger but we are crossing them at a good angle and Nina feels very steady as I write this. Chicken casserole is on the go. I’m Chef of the day. Trying to keep the hurdle rate low on the first night but just remembered Alan just has to have a pud. Need some inspiration as I just never make sweets. He doesn’t rate my tinned sea food starters and Strongley made it pretty clear that I would be eating on my own if tinned sardines were for dinner. Where he was planning to go out to dinner instead is less clear to me.

Just noticed sun coming down low. Time to view the sunset. All well here and we are bang on course for Bermuda


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