A long motor but Sailing again

Mon 8 Apr 2019 16:03
After a long boring 16 hours of motoring we are sailing again. Light winds and flat sea so we put the Cruising Chute up. We were plugging along in a stately fashion until a squall appeared. It looked like the worst might slide past us but I misjudged it and we got hit by a 28 knot blast. Just a little too exciting so we are back to the quick to roll away Genoa. The chute I had deployed, partly to make sure it was dry, is back in the sail locker. It certainly needs drying now!

Thanks to Alan’s back analysis I have learnt a few things!! All good experience.

So onward Wind is light again but just about viable. I just don't like motoring so we will trundle along knowing forecast is for a little more wind later

The other slight mishap was in the fridge. The bag of raw mince had leaked and a fine butcher’s shop odour wafted out every time we opened it. All sorted with the normal handstand to clean the bottom of the fridge. Life on board is just all fun.

One upside to all that motoring is that I have started to read a book. As most people know this is a rare activity for me. Even on the ARC I only read 1. So Nina’s library is well stocked with unread books. I was feeling a tad guilty that I had not started a book Nic gave me for the Atlantic crossing which was recommended by her Dad. I am 30 pages into The Story of San Michele by Axel Munthe and realising just how intellectual Mr Carter is! I will persevere and hope my brain cells pick up the pace a bit. Still it does have some light hearted moments and particularly the Island post lady. She can’t read so has to ask who each letter is to be delivered to. Footnotes give a translation of her Italian nicknames for residents; The Goat Woman, The hunchback, Stale Bread, Lemonhead and Kill dog! I am sure I won’t be able to put it down before long and will be hoping for less wind.

So life on board continues. We are well over half way. 530 Nm done and 410 Nm to go. Looks tight but we should just miss a Northerly head wind which arrives early Thursday.

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