And the winner is ...

Thu 13 Dec 2018 13:06

... not us ... a mere 6 days behind the winner. The final result was 2nd in cruising E, 19th cruising all, 36th all boats (including some super yachts and the Raci g Divisions)  you can’t fault our competitive spirit ... we made it from Gran Canaria to St Lucia in 15 days 15 hours 51 minutes and 46 seconds.

If you are reading this then I can only thank you for bearing with us for so long and through such fascinating content. Either that or you have skipped to the end, which, I concede, was probably the right way to go.

We have just moored up in Rodney Bay (or at least we had when I originally started writing this at approximately 2 am local time Tuesday morning) with rum punches served on arrival. Up until ten minutes from the finishing line we were 500 metres abreast of Freedom (remember she’s meant to be faster!) but we just snuck in eight minutes before and took bragging rights.

From the outset, my goal with this blog was to show off what a great time we were having and make as many of you so jealous that you would consider this trip in the future; I can only presume that I have succeeded.

All jokes aside, this has been an incredible trip. Considering that we should have driven each other crazy after a few days of sharing a space that would be unethical for most prisons, I can definitely say that the crew worked well together, with arguments limited to passionate debates on what sails to fly and that heated discussion on cloud movements.

I am going to miss sailing into the sunset every night; having days and days where my biggest stress is trying to think of some content for this blog or trying to vaguely sail within 45 degrees of St Lucia (something we didnt manage for the first four days). I will miss my five step commute to work. I will even miss my six foot by three foot living space that has been my home for the last 15 days.

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay, St Lucia, 2,851 miles, four very tired but satisfied crew mates and one (pretty much) intact boat. This has been the Atlantic Rally Crossing 2018 for Nina of Southampton. Thanks for tuning in.

Nina out.