Calm seas and dolphins, dolphins, dolphins

Sun 30 May 2021 13:46
It’s a calm day today as we motor between weather systems. Since dawn we have seen literally hundreds of dolphins; almost always a pod is circling the boat.

The Azores Pilot Book has a helpful page explaining the different types ( and another page on Whales ). The Bottlenose Dolphin is typically quite large and mostly likes to cruise alongside or play around the bow wave. Occasionally they arch out of the water. Then there is the smaller Atlantic Spotted Dolphin. They are seriously vigorous swimmers and leap right out of the water. They look a bit like Tuna. Quite tubby and a little crazy, hopping about all over the place. More species to spot. We are on the case.

Keeping a watchful eye out for a Whales ( and other boats we promise ). Not got lucky yet but plenty of miles to go and the islands are a Whale spotting centre. Fingers crossed.

Sun out now and quite a Mediterranean feel with little swell. It was serious mizzle this morning, Scottish style but with added warmth and added humidity. Cockpit still drying out after hours of sunshine. It’s a very different climate here to the Caribbean or Europe.

Nina running horizontal for once and water maker on, with hot water from the engine. So shower time. It looks like we are all about to go out - well relative to the state we were in a few hours ago. Even Bruvs looks quite smart, for him, in an old Rugby shirt with a torn collar.

All we need now is for the wind to come back. Expected soon from the North and we will be close hauled for the rest of the voyage. We have Catamarans ahead and behind us. They aren’t so good upwind, so looking forward to the advantage we will soon have. After all, they have had 3 or 4 days of planing downwind.

Hoping still to make landfall on Wednesday. Does depend on being able to make the course direct to Horta, upwind. We are getting this job done. 540 Miles to go

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