Night one and Day two

Sun 19 May 2019 15:26
The night watch featured a bright-as-day full moonshine which would have tempted Rembrandt plus some hairy winds and waves which would have appealed to Turner.

The newer seamen enjoyed being at the wheel trying to hold a compass course with the ship whizzing along and up and down and always on the slant - or ‘heel’ as it’s nautically known.

Some further excitement was provided by an enormous cruise ship lit-up like Manhattan and passing us Bermuda-bound just a mile or so away and at about three o’clock in the morning. Hopefully the Captain also saw us.

We’re still tearing along , currently at over eight knots with the sun shining and the sea deep indigo blue.

There is of course water water everywhere and very little else visible on this immense expanse, save for a lot of yellowy seaweed floating all around.

Wildlife logged to date: one jumping fish and a brace of birds, white with black wing trims and long trailing tails rather like a sting ray’s, plus a tiny anchovy or whitebait-like fish which hopped onto the deck overnight- not enough for breakfast.
That concludes the wildlife spotted after 28 hours mid-Atlantic sailing.

Back to the galley - we’re still on Bermuda time, so lunch calls...

Out - for now!

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