The Wind God has Spoken

Fri 5 Apr 2019 10:36
The Wind God has Spoken. Well. I have just read a further email from Chris Tibbs our weather and routing guru. He did such a good job when we crossed with the ARC that I have hired him again.

Turns out the perfect departure date is today. So we are off. Expecting 2 days of trade winds from the East, then some lighter variable winds and likely some motoring. Then a tail wind to finish the job on a broad reach. Motoring a little dull but every time I’ve looked at a forecast there has been light winds at the halfway point

930 miles to go. It’s going to take 6 days and particularly as we plan a long lunch stop in Barbuda today. Well I did promise Alan and David that we would do some island hopping in the Caribbean. Think they expected more than a lunch stop but there you go.

Need to get back to the jobs list. A few more tasks to do but pretty well ready and it’s only 6.30 here


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