Surrounded by Salty Dogs

Wed 6 Nov 2019 16:04
It’s True! We are surrounded

Certainly on board, Nick has joined Rick with That Salty Sea Dog look. More hair under his chin than on his head. Sir Philip, on the other hand, is clean shaven and always smartly attired. Yet another clean shirt emerging each day from the significant racing wardrobe he travels with. Even the gloves clipped to his shorts are at just the right angle.

The Salty Dogs around us are, in fact, a Rally of 70 boats also heading for Antigua. A radio chat informed us that they are on the Salty Dog Rally. We almost always have 1 or 2 boats in sight. Reminds me so much of the ARC. We think it might be the tail end of the fleet because so far all the boats we passed have been progressing quite slowly.

Just tried to radio a yacht we are passing close by. No response from the miserable crew so Rick gave them a few bars of Rule Britannia at full blast on the cockpit speaker

Wondering if the Salty Dog Rally have a tracking site like YB for the ARC. If so, some info in a short email on where we stand in the fleet would be most interesting. Our coordinates are 32N 69W at 1600 UTC ( UK time )
Email is ninaofsouthampton {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com

A gorgeous, hot day today though little wind. Chilling out and enjoying it with engine and water maker on. Better wind but a lot of rain forecast tomorrow!


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