Day 1 rolls into Day2

Sat 6 Apr 2019 17:47
Well last night’s dinner went down OK. I even produced a sweet! Comprised of crushed meringue - the packet had travelled from Las Palmas under a few tins - strawberry yoghurt topped with real strawberries. Alan even commented on the presentation and I really thought I’d hit the jackpot until Strongley pointed out it was pitch dark. So turns out Alan was just being polite.

We are making good progress hitting 175 miles in first 24 hours despite our little swim stop. Nicely above 200 now ( at lunchtime ). Still beam reaching in the trade winds and forecast to get a further day of this before winds drop for Monday.

Very exciting on board. We have seen 2 ships and a catamaran so far. Plus a bird travelled with us for a bit, comfortably sat on the spray hood. There are quite a lot of waves, some clouds and hot hot sun. I enjoyed the night sail a lot. We were making good speed and the phosphorescence was sparkling in the wake as it creamed past. Just an amazing sight on a very dark night with no moon.

The ride is much more stable than the downwind ARC sail. A bit of an effort getting around with the boat at an angle but stable. Didn’t sleep much. Too excited and always hard on the first night. Main cabin is quite noisy one way and another so I ended up in the forecabin. An undulating ride but fine once you are wedged in. Odd to be at the sharp end with waves coming over the bow and across the hatch above your head - yet to be quite snug and bone dry. Tiredness dealt with today through caffeine. We have plenty on board. In fact, thanks to the number of different guests we have had this year, the tea selection is quite incredible.

So onward and North. Topping up the tan and just loving life at sea


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