Leaving at 2.00pm Bermuda Time ( 6.00pm UK

Sat 22 May 2021 15:28
After this morning’s weather update, all but 2 boats decided to leave today. There will be no racing start but those going plan to exit through the narrow channel between 2.00 and 2.30pm and record our own start time as we pass the last channel buoy.

2 boats plan to leave tomorrow. One getting a generator fixed and the other wants to wait until a big swell created by Storm Ana has eased. We have put the spray hood up and are happy to deal with water on the deck for the first 24 hours. We get much better winds that way. Chris Tibbs has given me a personal forecast and is quite happy we leave today.

So we will head East for a few days until a big wind change takes us North to find better wind. Don’t panic if you see us heading for Greenland! We hope to get as far East as possible before the wind veers.

Sun shining and we are completely ready to go. Just waiting for other boats to clear customs which is an exceptionally laborious process.

It will be great to get underway again. After nearly 3 weeks aboard we have only managed 5 days sailing. At last we can get out there and do what we came for with no more time wasting.

Really good news is that Ross has joined us. We are 4, reducing watch time and better still Ross is an expert chef. Looking good. A happy crew.

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