Day 2

Tue 27 Nov 2018 06:44
As worryingly expected, there is far less to talk about today. Generally, we are having some brilliant weather with a good steady wind. We’ve been making good progress and Gran Canaria is now a mere memory.

The morning was very exciting as we saw some dolphins, something that was high up on my list of things to see/do on this trip. I was asleep.

Next on the agenda was some boat maintenance. We check the boat regularly to try to prevent problems occurring like the mast falling off. As we had thoroughly checked the boat before heading off, there was of course little to report: 17 loose nuts, one rope being worn away, seven instances of tape stopping things from becoming loose missing and the shackle holding down the foesail completely off. As I’m sure was already obvious from my previous post, we are an extremely competent and professional crew.

After this excitement, the afternoon was more relaxing, with dad declaring that he would go and do some reading (this is a man who usually averages one book every ten years). To my surprise, he even managed to read two whole chapters.

Bring on tomorrow.