125 Miles to go

Sat 12 Jun 2021 17:05
After sailing 198 miles in last 24 hours, not quite that magic 200 but close enough, we are 100 miles from Cape St Vincent and about 125 from Lagos. Wind has eased considerably and likely we will need the motor overnight. Should land in good time tomorrow

It’s a cloudy day to welcome us back to European waters. The sea is unbelievably cold, 66 Fahrenheit and everything a bit damp. For some reason we are playing Bob Marley for our afternoon gig. Shorts and a rum punch would go down well right now. Beers this evening instead ( one each I assure you - and they are Sagres Minis ) to celebrate a last night at sea. It’s a long way back to the Caribbean and whilst it’s been an amazing trip, we all want to get home now.

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