Chef of the Day

Wed 28 Nov 2018 10:41
Something I hadn’t expected of the ARC is how much fun cooking can be!

We have a rota for Chef of the Day. Duties include making lunch ( pretty basic ) and dinner. At the seminars it was clear that some boats have every meal planned for the trip. We opted for “ bring ingredients “. So every day brings a new surprise. Mind you the chicken had to be eaten first.

The Chef of the Day also chooses the Playlist and late afternoon we are all up and very sociable while the meal is prepared. It gets dark pretty early so we all eat in the saloon around the table. The sea state is still quite kind and it is hard to believe you are powering on at 8 knots. So civilised. A real dinner party at sea.

Last night the Doc excelled. He threw in a starter of fried and salted Padron Peppers. Amazingly tasty.

So the pressure is on for Alan today and his Chef of the Day!


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