Heading for Cape Verde Islands

Sun 10 Nov 2019 05:49
Wind Gods have intervened and the wind has set us on a course for the Cape Verde Islands off the African coast. Under their plan we will next see land in 2400 miles.

The crew have got a little mutinous at this suggestion so I have agreed to put a tack in tomorrow once we are due North of Antigua. The disappointing wind angle is adding a few extra miles to our route and the ETA goes back a bit every time it’s calculated. Oh well. Some more hours at sea cracking along upwind at 7 knots watching Phil do acrobatics in the Galley. What’s not to like.

Fresh food is getting scarce but as Nic knows there is a fine selection of rusty tins with torn labels and Spanish writing. Phil has promised a surprise for dinner. Even he doesn’t know what he is preparing. I carefully hid all the gleaming American tins we bought in Annapolis. We run a strict First In First Out policy on Nina.

Good news is that we bought Pilsbury Dough and that has surfaced with freshly baked croissant today for breakfast. Awesome.

So on to somewhere North of Antigua and an expected wind shift into the Easterly trades. Looking forward to a final run in actually heading for our destination.


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