Another Day at Sea

Thu 10 Jun 2021 04:55
It’s another day at sea. The sun is shining, lovely breeze. On course and making 8 knots. What’s not to like. We have gone on a slightly Northerly route to find better wind.

On the other hand, have seen only a few dolphins today, and at a distance. That whale sighting remains elusive. We haven’t broken anything, so nothing to mend. Crew is a little sleepy, though Elton John has livened us up for lunch ( excellent sandwiches, thanks Nick ).

It’s quite tricky to think of anything else to add. We have passed a few giant container ships bound for the US, presumably from the Med. Plus a cargo ship bound for Southampton. I’m getting a bit desperate now. Please see other Blogs for other news of life on board.

Anyway. Crew all fit and happy. Nina just lapping up the miles. We have passed 300 Nm , so about 1/3rd way to Lagos. Beers tonight are our reward. All good.

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