Can anyone tell us where The Azores are?

Sun 23 May 2021 17:45
If you are following our progress on the YB tracker you have probably concluded that we don’t know where The Azores are! They are quite small and hard to find on the chart so different watches have had differing views on how to reach them. Last night’s beautiful full moon may have distracted us too but in fact it was a great help as we could see squalls coming.

So what is this zig zagging all about? We have a Westerly wind today and SWly tomorrow so to make best speed we are heading a little North right now with the wind across the boat and then when the wind backs we will gybe and head a little South, again across the wind to get as far East as possible by Tuesday when a front comes through from behind us and the wind veers NE. Our on shore weather guru, Chris Tibbs, has a cunning plan after all!

Some wildlife around. Flying Fish and the dreaded Portuguese Man of War. No Whales or Dolphins so far but we are optimistic we will see them.

All well on board. Nick on the helm as usual with a big smile on his face muttering about speed records. Sun is shining. Lots of blue sky. Fresh food still abundant. Ross is a keen cook and is Chef of the Day so he is happy and Matt found another pump to mend!

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